The museum is closing for renovation

The museum is currently closed for elevator replacement and updates to the permanent exhibitions. During this time, we will also make necessary improvements to the visitor environment – and create something new!

The National Property Board (Statens Fastighetsverk) will carry out an elevator replacement at the museum during 2024 and the beginning of 2025. This particular part will take about six months. However, the project requires preliminary work involving the removal of two older exhibitions, relocating, and protecting fragile objects. The reinstallation will also take about 6 months amount of time once the elevator project is completed.

During the construction period, it will be necessary to have the museum closed except for the library, conference activities, and researcher visits. However, other activities of the museum will simply be relocated. Some program activities will be moved to our sister museums in Stockholm. Additionally, the museum will engage in outreach activities during this time. We will reopen in 2026 with updated permanent exhibitions and a new temporary exhibition in the Sculpture Hall.