Exhibition picture - The Middle Kingdom - Imperial China

The Middle Kingdom – Imperial China

Experience China through 3,500 years of arts and crafts. The exhibition begins with the Bronze Age and finishes with the last Qing Dynasty in the early 1900's. Discover the fascinating history of contemporary China and the relationship between Sweden and China throughout history.

In a spectacular flame-red display stand in the shape of a dragon (designed by Tham & Videgård Hansson) are displayed vessels from Bronze Age China together with jade objects and old oracle bones. There are also tomb figurines from the early imperial dynasties of China and lacquer and paint works. Be sure not to miss the oldest porcelain, the renowned blue and white porcelain from the Ming Dynasty or the porcelain that the East India Company had on order from China – a time when China, like today, was the leading manufacturer and exporter in the Far East.

The exhibition is a continuation of the 'China before China' exhibition about the oldest cultures in East Asia.